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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Perks

  • 5% OFF custom discount code for you and your community to use on ALL of our products!

  • Earn 15% of the profit on each item purchased using your code!

  • FREE Bronze store after 10 purchases have been made with your code.

  • Shoutouts across our Social Media at random times. 

  • Sponsored Giveaways for your community after 25 purchases using your code.

  • Entered into giveaways amongst the other affiliates every month.

  • FREE upgrades to your personal clothing store after certain amount of sales. 

  • Monthly chances to be featured monthly across our platforms as affiliate of the month.

Affiliate Requirements

  • Must have at least 1,000 Followers combined across all platforms (or very active).

  • Must have our Logo on your social brandings in one spot or more. 

  • Must have our @ in your bio.

  • Must FOLLOW us on all socials and engage on a daily basis. 

  • Must have us listed as a sponsors in your YouTube about or Streaming Platform panels. 

  • Must Promote our brand and new clothing items to your audience. 

  • Must have a good reputation on social media platforms.

Affiliate Program

Social Profile's

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