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Shipping Policy


Effective Date: 3/6/2024


This shipping policy for Split Apparel (“we,” “us,” or “our”), states how we deliver our product, the options that are provided, and international delivery information.


Questions or concerns? Reading this policy will help you further understand how we ship our product and the timeframe that corresponds. If you do not agree with our policy and/or practices in any way, please do not use our services.




This summary provides the answers to potential frequently asked questions; however, you may find more details about these topics by using our table of contents below.


  • What is the timeframe I can expect my order to be delivered? We offer standard U.S. delivery for 3 - 5 business days.


  • Do we offer international shipping? We offer shipping internationally.


  • Are there any extra charges applied depending on the shipping address? Some locations may require a customs fee depending on the size of the order or the amount of the sale.


Table of Contents

  1. When Can I Expect My Order?

  2. International Shipping

  3. Additional Shipping Charges

  4. Do We Make Updates To This Notice?

  5. How Can You Contact Us About This Notice?


1 - When Can I Expect My Order?


In Short: Within 10-21 business days.


Each order is custom manufactured, please allow up to 14 days for payment processing and the production of the order. Depending on where the customer is located, shipping times may vary. Typically, standard U.S. shipping is 3 - 5 business days but may experience an extra allotted time when traveling internationally. Some orders may also take extra time due to unforeseen delays including but not limited to: item out of stock, delays in production, order change requests, etc.


2 - International Shipping 


In Short: We offer international shipping


We offer international shipping to all customers from all approving countries.


3 - Additional Shipping Charges


In Short: Some international orders may experience additional charges.


Some international orders may experience additional shipping charges due to the size/amount of the order.


Example: All orders delivered to the U.K. above $170 USD (133.35£) will result in a customs fee.


4 - Do We Make Updates To This Notice?


In Short: Yes, we will update accordingly to stay compliant with relevant laws and if any changes about our services have been made.


This policy may be updated periodically. Each new revision will be labeled as “revised” with the updated date noted above. If there are notable changes to this policy, we may notify you either by posting a notice or directly sending you a notice. We encourage you to review this shipping policy frequently to be informed of any changes.


5 - How Can You Contact Us About This Notice?


You may contact us if there are any questions or concerns that need to be described in better detail by the email provided and we will respond within 48 hours of initial contact.

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