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the basics collection

The Split Apparel Basics Collection consists of embroidered logo's that match the color codes used on our brand. Wear your favorite brand color while experiencing our premium hoodies that have you feeling like your getting a warm hug.

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create your custom merch

Avoid the hassle of finding designers, creating a website, sourcing, shipping, customer service and more by using our all in one merch service.












My favorite part about working with Split Apparel has been how much work they've taken off my shoulders to make the process of setting up a merch store super simple and easy. As a full time content creator, my time is very valuable and they've been extremely efficient with their use of time. They've been super flexible when it comes to meeting my own wants and needs, and my community has been very happy with the products they've been receiving. I'm excited to continue adding some amazing items to the merch store and build an amazing line of products!

our mission

Expression through creativity

To create a bright future within the content industry by innovating and pushing the boundaries of custom apparel. We strive to develop personal relationships over business relations with our clients and customers. Our goal is to always be authentic to ourselves and open to those we work with to ensure a smooth experience and maximum satisfaction for those involved. We wish to offer only the highest quality designs and clothing because the passion our team injects into our work is nothing less than the best.

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